Wyville is a typeface created for Cercle Magazine n. 5, whose theme is the oceans.

Wyville is an incised display typeface whose inspiration comes from the lettering found on the boxes that contain the photographic negatives documenting the HMS Challenger expedition (1872–1872). Its name pays homage to Scottish natural historian Sir Charles Wyville Thomson, the main scientist in charge of this pioneer expedition. The generous proportions and the open finish of the initial lettering were kept, as well as the low contrast of the letters. However, the letters were reimagined as an incised typeface in order to accentuate the “epic” aspect regarding the Challenger expedition. Besides that, the work on the undulation of the incisions and the oblique finish of the diagonals allowed the exploration of the rhythm obtained when the letters are composed: undulating, sometimes smooth or even abrupt – like the ocean.

Credit: © cercle magazine

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